Our privacy policy will highlight and describe rules, and the disclosure of your data. We will also disclose data on how our procedures will protect you and how you can seek legal assistance in data abuse.

Your data is crucial for us when we are improving our services. You agree to our terms of service when using our website, and you are in total agreement with all the information in our privacy policy.

Definition and Interpretation of Terms

With regards to our privacy policy, the terms below will stand for the following meanings;

Account: An account is a unique space/account that you will be using when accessing all or part of services

Cookies: Our website will be placing small files on your computer, mobile phone, or any other browsing device called cookies. The files will contain information about your browser.

Data controller: A data controller refers to the company or the person who determines the means and purpose of personal processing data.

Device: Refers to anything that can access the website, such as a computer, a cellphone, or a digital tablet.

Personal data: Personal data includes data that can identify a person. Or information that relates to identifiable persons. For GDPR, it implies the information that relates to you, a name, location, an identification number, or any factor specific to the subject. Concerning CCPA, personal data implies the data that identifies, describes, or is associated with you.

Sale: our privacy policy defines a deal basing on the California Consumer privacy act. It is the selling, releasing, renting, disseminating, availing, transferring, or disseminating utilizing electronic or any other means the users’ personal information to another party with a monetary value consideration.

Business: According to the California consumer privacy act, the industry refers to the company as a legal entity that can collect consumers’ information and have total control over it. They determine how to use and process consumers’ data on behalf of or jointly with the subsidiary.

Company; Our privacy will be using terms such as “we,” “us,” “Our,” and website to refer to HEALSYSCBD.ORG.

Consumer: for the California consumer privacy act, a consumer is a natural person who can be a resident as per the law.

Service provider refers to the natural or legal person that acts on behalf of the company to process the data. It may be third-party companies, individuals, or legal systems that the company employs to act on their behalf. For GDPR, service providers are the data processors.

The usage data: the service will generate the usage data automatically when a consumer uses the service. The service infrastructure can generate usage data such as time spent in the service.

You: refers to the natural person or individual that is using the website. Under the general data protection regulation, “You” can imply a data subject or the user using the service.

How We Collect and Use Your Data

Personal data

Our website will improve their services by asking you for some personally identifiable information, which will help contact and identify our consumers. We will collect the following personal information.

  • Email address
  • Usage data

Usage data

Our website will automatically collect the usage data when you use the website. The usage data that our website will be collecting includes your device’s internet protocol address, the browser version, and browser type. It also gives the service page, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on the pages, unique device identifiers, and any other diagnostic information.

Other information that will collect includes what your device will send to them when you visit our service using your browsing device.

Tracking Technologies and Cookies

We operate like other websites, and we use similar tracking technologies to access the users’ activities in our service. We store certain information that may help us to customize the benefits for our clients. We use tracking technologies such as beacons, tags, and scripts to fetch data that will lay a vertebral role in analyzing and improving our data.

We use the following tracking technologies to analyze the activities in our service;


Cookies are sometimes referred to as browser cookies. They are small files from the website that we place on your browsing device. It is prudent to note that the user is in total control of their browser, and you can instruct your browser to reject cookies. If you leave cookies in your browser, you may find difficulty accessing some of the information in our service. You may also instruct your device to notify you when cookies are available.

Flash cookies: We may use certain features such as the local stored objects to collect and store information about preferences when accessing our service. Keeping our prevalence information is vital to us when we customize our services to befit your needs. The same browser settings will not manage Flash cookies.

Web beacons: web beacons are small electronic files that you may find in our web email services and sections of our website. Web beacons are sometimes referred to as clear gifs, single-pixel gifs, or pixel tags. Web beacons will allow the company to count the number of users who have visited their web pages. Web beacons allow the users also to count the number of people who have opened the emails and serve a great deal when evaluating the popularity of a page.

Users’ will be choosing between persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies will remain on your computer or even a mobile device when you are offline, whereas session cookies will only exist on your personal computer when you are online. The session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

We uses both session and persistent cookies. You can turn the cookies on or off depending on your choices, but be aware that your decision to turn off the cookies may prove to be a bad idea. You may not access some essential features in our service.

Cookies policy/notice acceptance cookies

The cookies that we administer are session and persistent cookies. Persistent cookies will help us to identify if the users have accepted the cookies on the website. We also use functionality cookies to allow us to remember the choices that users make when using the website. Functionality cookies will enable you to remember the login details and the language preference. Functionality cookies help the user stop access a more personal experience.

Tracking and Performance Cookies

Our website uses persistent cookies from third parties to track how users are using the website and the traffic that the website is receiving. The functional performance cookies may directly or indirectly identify your visitors because every data collected has a pseudonymous identifier that associates with the users’ device. Functional cookies are also helpful to test new pages, features, and the website’s new functionality.

Targeting and Advertising Cookies

Our website uses persistent cookies, which are administered by third parties to track the users’ browsing habits. Understanding the patterns of the user will enable our website to create targeted advertising. It uses browsing history information to link users with similar interests. With your permission and our permission, the third parties will send adverts that are relevant to our users’ interests.

We will use the personal data from the users for the following purposes

  • Your data helps provide and maintain our services while it is also helpful when we are monitoring the activities on our website
  • Your data information will help our service provider when completing your requests. It is influential in development, compliance, and purchase undertakings.
  • At times, our website will be contacting you when fulfilling your request and inquiries. We may call you through email, SMS, or even a call. Our calls will range from business inquiries, answer queries, and giving you updates and informative communications that relate to our functionalities, products, and any other contracted services. We may also use the data information you provide us for security updates and the practical implementation we recommend.
  • We use your data when we provide news, special offers, and any other general information about the goods, services, and events that our consumers can benefit from.
  • Your personal information is useful when we are managing your request to us.
  • We also use the personal when we are doing business transfers. The business transfers include mergers, divestiture, restructuring, and reorganization. It may also involve the transfer and the sale of assets, whether as a going concern n or even while fulfilling the liquidation processes
  • Data information is also useful when dealing with other purposes such as data analysis, identifying, and usage trends. They are also influential in determining the promotional campaigns while evaluating the effectiveness of the promotional campaigns.
  • A situation that may warrant us to share your personal information
  • Our service providers may ask us to share your data when they are completing your request. Our service providers will need your data to monitor and analyze the activities in our service. They will also use your information to show the advertisements that support and maintain our service.
  • We also share your data during business transfers. We share personal data in connection with the merger, sale of a company, asset sale, acquisition, or any other business transaction that may require a data transfer.
  • We share your data with our affiliate networks. T is prudent to note that our affiliates will strictly adhere to our terms of service in our privacy policy. The affiliate networks include the parent company and other subsidiaries, joint venture partners, and any other network that may have a common goal with our business and is controlled by us.
  • We may also share your data with our business partners offering you certain products and promotions.
  • Our service may also share your data with other users, especially when interacting with our service users on the platforms such as the Facebook fun page.
  • We may also disclose your information with your consent for any other relevant functions that our service shall decide.

We shall retain your data as long as you are still willing to use our service. The data remains n our database for as long as it is necessary to complete the functions in our privacy policy. Your data will stay in our database to meet the legal requirements, such as retaining the data to comply with applicable laws. We also need to have personal data when resolving disputes, enforcing legal agreements, and fulfilling further inquiries.

We also retains personal data to enable them to do their internal analysis. It would be best to note that user data is automatically generated when you are accessing our service. They are often bets for analysis and improvement of our service. They can strengthen security to enhance our service functionality.

Statement on the transfer of your data: All personal data from our clients are processed from our operating offices and other locations that may need to process your data. The information will be maintained in our operating rooms and transferred to computers located within our offices. We may also share the data with the computers located in other states away from our operating rooms.

We may transfer and maintain the data within our computers, located outside your state, province, and country. The data protection laws may differ from state to state, but we prioritize ensuring that your personal information is safe. When you consent to our privacy policy and submit the information to us, we treat that as an agreement to transfer your information within our operating rooms.

We take full responsibility to treat your data with care following our privacy policy. We will not transfer your data to other organizations without your consent. We shall only share it when we have adequate control of the data.

Disclosure of your data: We discloses your data during the business transaction, such as an asset transfer. Our website will notify our clients before effecting such transfers because you will be subject to another privacy policy.

Additional legal requirements: We will disclose your `personal data in good faith when they believe that the disclosure will help in the following factors;

  • When complying with the legal obligation
  • We disclose your data when we are protecting and defending our rights or the company’s property.
  • Our website will reveal your information when investigating possible wrongdoing in the service
  • We disclose your safety to protect our users of the service
  • We disclose your data when we are protecting against legal liability.

Security of your data: Our website’s data security is vital, but we acknowledge that data cyber crime may be uncontrollable at times. No method of internet data transmission is 100% safe, and we strive to protect your data, but we do not guarantee 100% safety.

Specification on how we process your data: Our service providers will have access to your data, and they can use, store or even transfer the information. They will be monitoring your activities in our service, and they share such information with us so that we can improve our services.

Google analytics: Our service will use third-party service providers that monitor and analyze our service, such as Google analytics. Web analytics is a service that Google offers to track the reports of the website. This website uses google analytics to track and monitor the use of the service to contextualize the personalize the ads to the consumers.

When you want to opt-out of the google analytic browser, you should install a google analytical opt-out browser ad, which will prevent google analytic java-script. It won’t be able to share the google information when you have it in your web browser. You can learn more about Google privacy information by visiting https://policies.google.com/privacy.

Advertising: You will find advertisements from service providers because they help us improve the services that we offer to you. They help us in maintaining and supporting our activities.

Email marketing: Email marketing is prudent in our website for our consumers because we use it to contact our consumers when we send the newsletters, when we are marketing and when we are sending the promotional messages. If you are not interested in our newsletter, you can unsubscribe from all our email marketing strategies. You follow the unsubscribe link that will lead you to your account in our service.

Children’s Privacy

We does not address the underage. In instances where we unknowingly collect personally identifiable information from underage below 13, parents or guardians should take responsibility to contact us so that we can remove such information from our database. Our team strives to remove any data that may have originated from a minor, and we do not knowingly keep the personally identifiable data from the minors.

Links To Other Websites

Our website will have links to other websites which we operate. Any clicks will direct you to the third-party website, and we recommend that you review their privacy policy because you will be under the site’s privacy policies that the links will direct you to.

Our website does not have any control over other websites, and we are not assuming responsibility for the content, privacy, and practices.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy

Our site has total control over its privacy policy, and we may update it from time to time. You can check for the updates from this site every time you visit our website for the latest changes.

We may or may not update you through email, but we assume that you already go through our privacy policies by consenting to it when you are accessing our services.