The Entourage Effect: How CBD and THC Work Together

Structure of Entourage effect and CBD and THC

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the two main chemical compounds in the hemp plant. Researchers have now found a lot of benefits to taking some CBD, like pain reduction, inflammation reduction, and neuroprotective effects.

It is common knowledge that CBD is not a psychoactive component of cannabis, but Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is. As a result, many people believe they may overdose or combine it with other substances.

However, not many people know that, under certain conditions, THC and CBD can cause some special kind of high, but not by itself. That is what we call the entourage effect.

History Of Cannabis And CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) and Cannabis usage for medical and health purposes in China dates back to 2700 BC. People from this country were among the first to discover the plant and to unveil its unexpected health benefits.

Chinese emperor Sheng-Neng drank cannabis tea to restore the balance in his body. Many historians believe this is the first self-care application of CBD, as it was the first one to be recorded.

Do Extraction Methods Matter for Entourage Effects?

There is insufficient information to determine if extraction methods matter and technology have evolved so much that extractors can control almost every fraction of the THC and CBD extraction process. Though it sounds good news, research does not yet know what makes CBD cause the entourage effect.

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD can be commercialized in most states in the USA. That was undoubtedly a breaking point in the history of cannabis as it helped increase its popularity. Studies and information about CBD’s relationship with the endocannabinoid system and its cannabinoid receptors skyrocketed after the companies started pouring millions of dollars into producing CBD oils, balms, and products, without the effects of THC.

What Is Entourage Effects?

The entourage effect is a mechanism that makes the components of the hemp plant that are not tetrahydrocannabinol react together and cause a high. This dangerous effect was discovered by accident when people were consuming certain CBD products that did not contain THC, and then they have reported having allogenous episodes.

These cases started to increase, and eventually, researchers got in on it to know what could happen because of this. The problem was simple: some CBD products contained terpenes and other chemicals that reacted to it with others. These unknown reactions work synergistically to cause the exact effect THC does.

It is essential to know what causes this unpleasant effect that can be dangerous in certain situations. People feel safe when taking CBD because it does not cause a high or not by itself.

Entourage Effect: How The Synergic Effect Enhances CBD

As already mentioned, the full spectrum entourage effect is caused by certain combinations of chemicals that can not make it by themselves, not only CBD. The hemp plant has over 400 different chemicals: cannabinoids and terpenes, many flavonoids, phenolic compounds, and more.

Terpenes play the most crucial role in the workings of the entourage effect. These components are present in some CBD oils. Some reports say the entourage effect may help CBD isolate act more effectively, but research is still lacking, and not many results have been published.

More Than Just CBD: Cannabinoids, Terpenes, And Flavonoids

Knowing that the cannabis plant contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, people must know what these chemicals are.

  • Cannabinoids

As the name suggests, these are cannabis compounds. Cannabidiol, cannabigerol, etc., are just some examples of the many cannabinoids out there. Compounds like these are often not psychoactive but can cause different side effects if taken in excessive amounts. Besides, they hardly ever show up on a drug test.

  • Terpenes

These are a class of more than 30 thousand compounds. They are unsaturated hydrocarbons produced by conifers, a specific type of plant. Based on how many carbon atoms compose it, a terpene can fall into one of many categories: monoterpenes (10), sesquiterpenes (15), diterpenes (20), etc. They are responsible for the terpene entourage effect.

In some cases, they are responsible for flavor, aromas, and even some colors associated with different types of flora. Processed products like cannabis-derived ones, aromatic herbs, and citrus fruits have therapeutic benefits and therapeutic effects.

  • Flavonoids

Though the name suggests something else, flavonoids are a crucial part of the coloring of plants. According to studies, these chemicals are a class of polyphenolic secondary metabolites that people commonly consume in diets.
Effects of Entourage Effect

The entourage effect has two sides. Firstly, it is believed that it can cause the chemicals consumed like full-spectrum CBD or CBG (cannabigerol) to act more effectively. However, some people claimed having experienced high like effects.

For example, the entourage effect for anxiety is beneficial. The single worst feature of this effect is unpredictability. Not knowing when or what could make the effect appear is very dangerous. A great way to prevent it is to talk to an expert to get the positive things out of the effect rather than the unpleasant feelings it generates.

Side Effects of Entourage Effect

The entourage effect must be one of the few topics in which the side effects may be sound. Most people know about the negative, dangerous part of the effect instead of increasing the effectiveness with which cannabinoids act.

Entourage Effect: What Research Shows

Labs are scratching their heads, trying to figure out how to study such a random and unpredictable thing. Several studies published different ways of triggering it, though nothing is conclusive. There’s no record of anecdotal evidence, though.

Is Cannabis More Than Just THC And CBD?

Yes, cannabis is the name of a plant that contains more than 400 different chemicals. However, most of them come in tiny quantities, making them unnoticeable. THC and CBD are the most important ones, but it is wrong to think they are the only components of cannabis.

Final Thoughts

As with any remedy, antibiotic, or treatment, moderation is the key. The entourage effect can be annoying under certain circumstances. It is better to call a doctor or expert to avoid it.

There isn’t enough data to determine which chemical or remedy reacts negatively with CBD for the time being. When doubtful, do not experiment with CBD products or THC-containing products. It will be better for your central nervous system.

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